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1932 Ford B-400
Detroit Autorama Ridler award winner is Doug Cooper of Oyster Bay Cove, NY with his 1932 Ford B-400 “Duecenberg” built by Alan Johnson’s Hot Rods. Congratulations to Doug Cooper and the team at Alan Johnson’s Hot Rods on a job well done. Duecenberg proudly rolls on the Dayton Triple Cross wire wheels with painted to match rim and hub with polished stainless spokes
With 2009 being the 57th anniversary of the Detroit Autorama, you can bet the competition for the Don Ridler Memorial Award was intense, and the award is one of the things that helps the Detroit Autorama live up to its claim as "America's Greatest Hot Rod Show."
The Don Ridler Memorial Award (or "The Ridler," to most folks) is intended to reflect Don's own creativity and high level of professionalism, and why the award is so well thought of--it's only given to the best. The official qualification for the award reads: "The Detroit Autorama must be the first public showing of an entry. This goes for the any part of the entry: chassis, engine or body. All decisions are final and made by the Autorama Special Judging Committee.
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